Google Releases Phone-Controlled Browser Game ‘Roll It’

Google is such a large company that many of their smaller efforts can float under the radar. One of the lower-profile things they do on occasion is release games that you can play in the Chrome browser on your computer, using your smartphone as a controller. We’ve covered Super Sync Sports and World Wide Maze previously. They’ve just released a new Skee-Ball-style game called Roll It.

To play Roll It, open the Chrome browser on your computer and go here. Then bust out your smartphone and follow the instructions to sync your phone to your computer. Next thing you know, you’ll be whipping your phone around like a Skee-Ball pro (just don’t let go).


The game is similar to Wii Bowling, but that’s not a bad thing. As you progress through the levels, they change up the placement of the holes to keep you on your toes. The controls aren’t super precise, but neither is Wii Bowling. All in all, it’s not a bad way to spend five minutes.

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One thought on “Google Releases Phone-Controlled Browser Game ‘Roll It’

  1. You must have never played Wii Bowling before, because there is absolutely nothing in common between this game and Wii Bowling, other than the abstract concept of moving a device in your hand to roll a ball.

    Skee-Ball is the only comparison here.

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