Glu Offers Early Escape From NOM Customers A Free Game

Were you one of those early adopters who gobbled up Escape From NOM the minute it came out, only to be burned when Glu lowered the price to free a few hours later? Turns out this was a mistake on Glu’s part, and they want to make it up to you by offering a free game from their library.

Kathy de Leon, a PR Manager from Glu, explained to us how NOM customers can get their free Glu game:

“Thanks for putting this to our attention. The game was in fact supposed to launch free and we apologize to the customers that paid for the game.”

“We would like to make it up to them by giving them a promocode to any Glu iPhone/iPod touch game of their choice regardless of price that is currently available on the App Store. Since we cannot contact the people who purchased it directly, we will need them to email us at and have them send us their iTunes receipt in return for a promocode.”

Botched launches happen, and we think it’s mighty big of Glu to own up to the error and try to make it up for customers. If you’re wondering which Glu game to receive for free, here’s our list of Glu reviews.

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