Gizmodo Picks Up A Strange iPhone In A Bar

The Lost and Found iPhone story just got a lot more serious for Gizmodo’s editor Jason Chen, who faced a search and seizure of his home and computers. A San Mateo County judge issued the warrant, indicating that Chen’s computers may have been used in a felony.

The Huffington Post has more details. Expect a lot more drama to unfold in the coming weeks as the fallout continues.

It’s either a monumental goof on the part of an Apple hardware tester, or the most brilliant advertising campaign for the Redwood City nightlife community ever. A prototype iPhone has been found in a Silicon Valley bar and dissected, alien autopsy-style, by gadget site Gizmodo.

We’ll let the Gizmodo story speak for itself, but we think this is an epic find. As for its relevance to gaming, Gizmodo reports a much higher-resolution screen in the future iPhone, which could give developers the option to make games that look even sharper and more detailed. This is, however, based solely on the “Connect to iTunes” screen that the found device boots to automatically, and nothing more.

[Via Gizmodo]

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