Get Gesundheit! For Free on the App Store

The last thing you want at the height of the flu season is for some jerk to spray his spittle all over you, but this is one sneeze you’re going to want to share. Gesundheit!, the award-winning action/puzzle game from Revolutionary Concepts, is Apple’s most recent App of the Week, and is therefore free for a limited time. 

Gesundheit! is a messy love story about a pig with allergies who uses his powerful, er, boogers to outsmart alien invaders and save his girl. The game mixes up stealth and action with humor, and wraps it all up in an endearing landscape that emulates crayon drawings. Wipe your nose (not with your hand, you savage—here’s a tissue) and grab the app while you can. There’s no paywall, and no free-to-play panhandling. Just a cute game with a runny snout.

  • Erik Carlson

    I played this a lot when it first came out. A lot of fun.

  • JDpicering

    Except its not from Konami. Come in guys keep up.

    • pholly

      It also took almost a week for them to post this bit of news.

    • Nadia Oxford

      I must’ve gotten mixed up while writing another story. Fixed!