Garfield Turns Doodle Jump As Pooky Quest Hits App Store

Someone over at Cobra Fridge has clearly been enjoying a game or two of Doodle Jump. In truth, with sales having recently passed the 3 million mark, there can’t be many of us who haven’t had a crack at tilting that oh-so-cute Doodle up to new heights.

Imitation is also said to be the sincerest form of flattery, so those at Lima Sky will surely be rather pleased with the latest title in the Garfield franchise, Garfield Pooky Quest.

Like Doodle Jump before it, the aim here is to use the accelerometer to launch Garfield up from one platform to another, venturing higher and higher with each leap to save his beloved teddy bear Pooky.

“Pooky Quest sends Garfield on a jump-and-eat adventure to find his best friend, but it wouldn’t be Garfield if he didn’t stop for candy and lasagna,” says the publisher’s blurb.

“Focused on polished game play, intuitive controls, brilliant in-game voice-acting, and love for detail, the game brings Garfield alive like never before!”

In truth, though Garfield’s latest venture has some rather obvious similarities to Lima Sky’s killer title, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve to make sure it gets the most dedicated fans on board: Namely, the use of the TV series’ official voice-over artist. The game also has strong ties to the recently launched Cartoon Network show of the same name.

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