Gamerizon’s Chop Chop Games All Top One Million Downloads

This week Gamerizon announced that all three of the company’s games, Chop Chop Ninja, Chop Chop Runner, and Chop Chop Tennis, have been downloaded over a million times apiece. Sometimes we see surprisingly high sales numbers from developers who have found success without the backing of a major publisher, but this shows that brand recognition is indeed possible for indies in the App Store.

There is another angle to this story, which is the big part that the Free App A Day program played in the success of the Chop Chop series. Chop Chop Ninja was one of the first games to shoot up the free charts due to the service and then stake its claim on top of the paid charts soon after. Since then, each game has been included in the service at some point in time. This is a testament to how useful marketing tools such as Free App A Day can be to budding developers.

On another related note, Gamerizon recently released iPad vesions of all three games in the Chop Chop series. We enjoyed all three on the iPhone and can certainly recommend checking them out on the iPad if you haven’t yet bought them.

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