Gameloft Announces NFL 2010, Modern Combat: Sandstorm; Taito Floating Bust-A-Move

We’ve seen a spate of high-profile game announcements over the last 48 hours that merit attention. Bigtime publisher Gameloft is building an iPhone-sized football field for NFL 2010, as well as taking aim at the First-Person Shooter genre with Modern Combat: Sandstorm.

Taito, fresh off the huge triumph of Space Invaders Infinity Gene, announced that classic arcade fave Puzzle Bobble is on the way as well.

NFL 2010 will be “the first FULL football simulation on the App Store,” according to Gameloft’s brief press note. The jury’s out on that claim (actually, it hasn’t even convened yet), but the title is NFL-licensed, so it will have the full complement of NFL teams, rosters and players to choose from. No other details are available at this time. Gameloft expects it to hit the App Store later in August.

Ladies and gents, your San Francisco 49ers… IN MINIATURE!

Modern Combat: Sandstorm is a complete mystery. The trailer appeared on Gameloft’s YouTube channel without warning earlier today, and that’s the first and last we’ve heard about it so far. Thematically, the game seems similar to hit console shooter Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, perhaps with a sprinkling of Battlefield thrown in. We’ll work our contacts at Gameloft for more info ASAP.

Meanwhile, Taito spilled the beans on an iPhone version of Bust-A-Move (also known as Puzzle Bobble) on its Facebook and Twitter pages. As an arcade favorite out of Taito’s back catalog, we have to wonder if it, too, is slated receive the “Infinity Gene” treatment–remodeled gameplay, new graphics and sound, and a total conceptual overhaul. Judging from the picture posted on Taito’s Facebook page, this one looks to be in the thick of development, so it could be a while before we get more details.

Isn’t development fun?!

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