Gameloft Releases Trailer for Team Fortress 2 Lookalike Blitz Brigade

Gameloft has released a trailer for an upcoming game called Blitz Brigade. It’s a free-to-play team-based shooter that bears more than a passing resemblance to the popular game Team Fortress 2. Watch the (bloody) trailer below.

The game will feature five classes, including sniper, soldier, and heavy, plus vehicles like Jeeps and helicopters. Although the focus of Blitz Brigade will be on multiplayer, we’ve been assured the game will come with single-player challenges as well. No definite release date has been announced yet, but expect to see Blitz Brigade hit the App Store in the next month or two.

  • pholly

    So stealing game ideas isn’t enough, now they’re stealing game trailer ideas as well.

  • uranus9019

    Thats not Team Fortress, its Battlefield Heroes

    • Saansilt

      I see a bit of both

  • samuel evans

    I am so tired of freemium games. Pay-to-win is not fun! I will gladly pay ten bucks for a game to have the full game.

    • Saansilt

      OH RAH! What ever happened to the good ol days where extra costumes were not iaps or dlc but rewards?

  • Erik Carlson

    That looks pretty terrible, actually. The graphics look awful (are those cars running on square wheels?) and the character models look especially bad. This just looks cheap in every way.