Gameloft Releases New Iron Man 3 Trailer

Gameloft has just released a new trailer for their upcoming endless flying game Iron Man 3. We have to say, it looks pretty exciting. There’s flying, there’s shooting, and there are 18 Iron Man costumes to unlock (you can see all of them in the image gallery below). The game will be free-to-play, and will be released on April 25. The movie hits theaters May 3.

7 thoughts on “Gameloft Releases New Iron Man 3 Trailer

  1. 18 armors…. Mehhh…
    Let me guess….. Freemium again….. Buy an armor 4.99 in-app purchase and upgrade .99 each….

  2. No no your doing it wrong.
    Gameloft logic:
    First armor: 1.99
    Second Armor: 6.99
    Third armor: 24.99
    Fifth armor: 44.99
    And so on.
    BUT WAIT! It is not real money! You can get gems!
    And it’ll only take 7 years of freeloading to unlock gems for the second armor!

    • True… Its getting ridiculous on every games they make…. Instead of all these crap they make every month, take some time and make one game thats worth playing and we can truly enjoy it…. I dont mind paying 10-15 bucks on the games like aralon, walking dead or ravensword because those games are worth your time… AND MONEY….

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