Gameloft Holds Castle of Magic Character Naming Contest

In our Castle of Magic review, we said that the star of this platformer could compete with Mario and Sonic. Now, Gameloft is giving you the chance to name that hero and win an iPod nano. Better make it good, because the name you choose could become a new part of the gaming lexicon.

Gameloft also says in a video that this name will be used in the character’s “next adventure”, which we’re pretty sure confirms that there will be a Castle of Magic 2. Read on for Gameloft’s contest rules.

Here are the basic rules, straight from Gameloft:


You already know Castle Of Magic, Gameloft’s new platformer spreading magic all over the App Store. Well, we realized something’¦ Our hero for Castle of Magic has both power and style but’¦ he doesn’t have a name yet!

So we decided to organize a worldwide contest to find the best name possible for our cutie.

How does it work?

Once you have a good idea of name for our hero, it’s very easy!

You can either become a fan of Gameloft on and write on our wall your idea.

OR, you can also follow us on Twitter at & Leave us a tweet saying your idea preceded by @CastleOfMagic

What’s to win?

The winning entrant will not only get a place in Video Game History by naming our hero in his next adventures’¦ But he will also receive an iPod nano!

For very imaginative participants, one can enter up to 10 different ideas of names.

See the video we made to explain the contest and give ideas of name:

Hurry up! The contest will end on July, 25th.

For Official Rules, visit

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