GameFinder 1.2 Released!

We’ve added a few more features to make browsing for iOS games on our free GameFinder app even easier. The version 1.2.1 update includes better web browsing, enhanced push notifications, and refreshed reviews when you resume using the app. Download it here and take STP with you on the go.

After a… rather substantial delay, we are very pleased to announce the new version of our fabulous free app, GameFinder! Feature list after the break!

*Enhanced iOS 5 compatibility! Multitasking no longer an issue.

*Push notifications for new reviews! Set a score threshold to be notified when awesome new games appear.

*Retina display support! Sharper graphics so you can see the best games on the App Store in all of their glory.

*Improved stability! No more crashes and hangs, just pure GameFinding goodness.

*Facebook posting! Tell your friends which games you’re loving, right from the app.

It’s still 100% free to use, so hop on over to the App Store and download it now! And if you tell your friends and write us some good reviews too, we’ll be your best friend.

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