Game of the Month, June 2012: Magic 2013

iOS is one of the most vibrant video game platforms out there, with a crazy number of excellent games releasing every month. In June we played a lot of great titles, including an elegantly simple two-player board game (OLO Game) and an adventure title that addresses horror and darkness in a way we rarely see (Yesterday). But it was a card battling game that earned our Game of the Month award for June. Magic 2013 is all we’d hoped it would be and more.

Magic 2013 is an iPad game that lets you play as a wizard battling other wizards using a deck of cards. Each card you draw represents either a source of power or a spell you can cast using that power, from creatures that do your bidding, to powerful sorcery that boosts your defenses or whittles down your opponent’s health. Nearly all nerds who grew up during the ’90s are intimately familiar with the game, and have probably spent a small fortune on boosters packs, trying to create an ironclad deck.

Magic 2013 costs about what you’d pay for a few packs of the real cards, and it provides players with a number of modes, including a campaign, online battles, an Encounters mode, where you go up against a computer opponent that’s using a particular strategy, and a Planechase mode, where the decks are randomized. On top of all that, it also provides an in-depth tutorial that does a great job of introducing new players to the game. For our money, Magic 2013 is the most notable game that came out this month.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Tiny Troopers, a great little war game that puts you in command a squad of cartoonish soldiers. Your job is to lead them into battle against enemy opponents, showing them where to go, who to shoot, and where to lob grenades. As you progress through the game’s 30 missions, you’ll upgrade your artillery and face ever more difficult scenarios. It’s a cute, fun game, with a morbid sense of humor, and we can’t get enough of it.

So congratulations to Wizards of the Coast and Kukouri Entertainment for making two of the best games in the month of June! Also be sure to check out the other Must Have games released last month: WarGames: WOPR, Dungeon Village, Yesterday, Dead City Plus, OLO Game, realMyst, and Mad Acorn.

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