Game of the Month, July 2012: Fieldrunners 2

On the App Store, there’s no such thing as a summer slump. Sure, things heat up around the holidays, but awesome new games arrive every day throughout the year. In July, we played some of the best iOS games ever made, but only one managed to feel like both a familiar classic and a cutting-edge, modern game: Fieldrunners 2.

Tower defense games are far too common on the App Store, and the original Fieldrunners started this trend with its early presence and astounding popularity. After nearly four years, Fieldrunners 2 feels like a substantial update that puts all other tower defense games to shame. Both styles of TD games are represented here: free-form levels where you can place towers anywhere and make your own pathways, and linear levels where enemies move along a narrow route.

But that’s not the only great thing about Fieldrunners 2. The game features outstanding, detailed graphics, and simple controls that let you drag and drop towers without any delay. Plus, Fieldrunners 2 has superb level variety for a tower defense game, with extra puzzle modes and environmental obstacles that will make you feel like a brilliant four-star general.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Metal Slug 3, a port of an arcade classic from 2000. Not only is this shooter fun and frantic, but it has highly expressive graphics and a bizarre variety of enemies. The best part about Metal Slug 3 is that it’s compatible with both the iCade and iCade Mobile, which makes the controls disappear off the screen and lets you get even more precise movement and shooting controls. Combined with an iCade, Metal Slug 3 is arcade heaven on iOS.

Congratulations to Subatomic Studios and SNK Playmore/ DotEmu for this month’s top games! Be sure to also check out the rest of the month’s Must Haves: Spy vs Spy, ORC: Vengeance, Walking Dead: The Game, Great Big War Game, Nihilumbra, Outwitters, Kingdom Rush for iPhone, Frisbee Forever 2, and Cthulhu Saves The World.

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