Game of the Month, January 2013: Heroes and Castles

Instead of a post-holiday lull, this January has been a surprisingly strong month for new iOS games. Out of several new Must Have games, one action-strategy game stands out, like a siege tower on a battlefield full of orcs and skeleton warriors. Our Game of the Month for January 2013 is Heroes and Castles, by Foursaken Media.

Heroes and Castles is a combination of third-person action and tower defense-style strategy. You have to control both a champion on the battlefield and the castle’s defenses. After constructing gold mines and other support buildings, you’ll be able to summon powerful allies, like pikemen, riflemen, and giants. As the forces of evil send waves of villains to attack your walls and units, you’ll have to carefully balance your own hand-to-hand combat with the overall strength of your fortress.

Between levels, Heroes and Castles lets you power up each individual unit or defense, and you can add new skills to your warrior’s arsenal. While the game originally launched with three heroes, a recent update lets you unlock two more, for even more variety. If the extensive single-player campaign wasn’t enough, there’s also online co-op multiplayer, plus a recently-added, drastically different siege mode that lets you fight from the evil monsters’ point of view. Heroes and Castles is a fully-featured, excitingly original action game, and it’s a big step forward for one of our favorite indie iOS developers.

Another hero of the App Store this month is Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, a port of the handheld and downloadable console title from Ubisoft and Capy Games. In it, you take control of five different fantasy armies to save the world from demons. The gameplay is a terrific mix of RPG, strategy, and Match-3, and there’s enough content to keep you busy for many hours. Better yet, once you’ve cut your teeth on the single-player campaign, you can dive into the multiplayer and battle against friends or strangers over Game Center. A few control annoyances aside, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is the complete package.

Congratulations to Foursaken Media, the makers of Heroes and Castles, and Capy Games, the company behind Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, for bringing us our favorite games this month! Meanwhile, you should also check out these other Must Have iOS games that launched in January: Pixel People, Temple Run 2, Time Surfer, Hundreds, Pixel Defenders Puzzle, Anomaly Korea, and Scribble Hero

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