Game of the Month, August 2013: Mikey Hooks

August was yet another great month for iOS gamers, with a handful of Must Have titles coming out across a number of genres. But there can be only one Game of the Month, and this month it’s Mikey Hooks.

Mikey Hooks is the venerable sequel to last year’s Mikey Shorts, from BeaverTap Games. Like that title, Mikey Hooks is a colorful 2D platformer done up with impossible-to-resist retro flair. The controls deliver with insane touchscreen precision, and the levels just beg to be played and re-played to collect all the stars.

New to this installment is a grappling hook mechanic, which lets you cross long chasms without missing a beat. This becomes important, as the game gives you good reason to beat the levels with a speedy end time. They’ve also added a new Race Mode, where you try to beat spike-covered competitors to the finish line. It all adds up to the most fun we had on iOS in the month of April.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Terraria. This is a seamlessly done port of a PC game that plays a lot like Minecraft, but with a hint of Metroid thrown in for good measure. In it, you gather materials and build shelters for yourself and other characters that wander in once you’ve completed construction. Terraria doesn’t give you many guidelines about what to do in the game, but that won’t matter to creative gamers.

Congratulation to BeaverTap Games and 505 Games for making our two favorite titles in another month of great games. Also be sure to check out our other Must Have titles for August, including Dropchord, Plants Vs. Zombies 2 (which we named GotM last month), Abyss Attack, and R.Type.

9 thoughts on “Game of the Month, August 2013: Mikey Hooks

  1. Agreed. Mikey Shorts/Hooks sports some of the tightest controls for a platformer. Star Dash also has pretty decent controls in the same genre. Both of which I am currently enjoying.

      • It’s the closest thing to a console experience I’ve had on my iPhone 5 and features one specific track I think is the best I’ve ever seen in any arcade racing game.

          • Umm… What about Blitz Brigade? STP was supposed to review this game a long time ago. Yeh, forget about it.

          • Do a search for Blitz Brigade on this site (I posted a news article about it) and you’ll see why it never got a review. I tried for weeks to join a game and never could. I gave up after a while.

            It’s free anyway, so go ahead and give it a shot.

    • There’s a review on it’s way. Asphalt 8 was my gig, but I had some personal emergencies pop up that needed my attention. I’m very sorry for the delay.
      I honestly haven’t done much gaming over the past couple of weeks because of the hurricane that swept through my life, but all is well now.

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