Game of the Month, April 2011: Coin Drop!

It’s been a surprisingly strong month for iPhone game releases, and we’ve given out a number of 4s in our reviews. But one game stands out as the brightest, shiniest penny in the pouch: Coin Drop! by Full Fat Games.

Coin Drop! is a combination of two great physics games, Peggle and Coin Push Frenzy. To play, you simply drop up to five coins from the top of the screen into a pachinko-like board. Coins will hit pegs, giving you big points while you try to recapture four bad pennies to move to the next stage.

With each high score you rack up, you’ll unlock new levels and custom coins, plus you can compete with the world through online leaderboards. Coin Drop! is addictive fun whether you’re planning each move carefully, or just dropping in five coins at a time and watching them bounce around randomly.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Gears, a stylish marble-roller from Crescent Moon Games. Gears isn’t your typical marble-roller, because the levels are out of control and you have a strict time limit in which to reach the finish line. Accurate touch controls and stunning graphics make this simple game feel downright epic.

Congratulations to both Full Fat and Crescent Moon for making two stellar games this month. Also, be sure to check out the other 4/4 Must Have games we reviewed in April: Fast Five, Burn It All, Snuggle Truck, Squid Drop, Knight Defense HD, Forget-Me-Not, Mos Speedrun, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12.

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