Fruit Ninja Gets Pomegranate Update

Fruit Ninja received an update today that adds a pomegranate to the action. Maybe that’s not all that exciting on its own, but this pomegranate slows down time, letting you madly slice away at it for a few seconds, and giving you a point for each slice you perform within the set amount of time. In other words, it adds a nifty little gameplay dynamic to the traditional fruit-slicing action and probably boosts your overall scores. That’s a good thing, right?

The basic gameplay of Fruit Ninja is so pared down and basic that it’s no surprise that each update they push through only adds minor gameplay elements. In fact, the pomegranate never even shows up in Zen Mode– it’s limited to Classic Mode and Arcade Mode. Admittedly, hacking away at a pomegranate isn’t very zen.

Also added in this update is a new musical track in the Dojo section and the ability to view your friends’ all-time highest scores on the results screen. All of which makes Fruit Ninja– already a great game– just a little bit better. If you haven’t played Fruit Ninja yet, you’re missing out.

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