Former Firemint Developers Announce ‘Framed’

A group of three former Firemint developers have formed a new studio called Loveshack Entertainment, and they’ve just announced their first game. The team, composed of people who worked on titles like Spy Mouse and the Real Racing series, have released screenshots and a concept video of their upcoming game ‘Framed.’ It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before; check it out below.

The game looks like a comic book page, or a movie’s storyboard. Your character progresses through the panels in order, taking whatever action the panel depicts. From the looks of it, this will often lead to his untimely demise. Your job as the player is to rearrange the panels so the hero succeeds and can continue onto the next page. For a detailed look at the game, watch the concept video and check out Loveshack Entertainment’s blog.

Framed is set to release sometime this year.

3 thoughts on “Former Firemint Developers Announce ‘Framed’

  1. Very interesting. Can’t wait to see more. I see it as possibly being a long-term game that constantly gets updated with more frames. You could also perhaps add storylines or versions for other characters that happen simultaneously as the other characters. All in all, this has a lot of potential, cause it’s so cool to play as long as it remains relatively challenging and the animations terrific.

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