Flight Control Sells 2 Million, iPad Version Coming

The game that may one day become known as the seminal iPhone classic, Flight Control has officially passed the landmark two million sales barrier. It is the second game to do so, behind only Pocket God in the race to two million. Also, the developers have announced that an iPad-optimized version is in the works.

Firemint tells us that at the peak of the game’s sales they were moving 30,000 copies a day in late March 2009, and got a second boom in late 2009 with sales of around 20,000 per day near Christmas.

Pocket God reached the two million mark just seven days ago, which should give you an idea of just how neck-and-neck the sales these two games truly are. Both games are available on the iTunes store for $0.99, so their revenue should be practically identical.

However, unlike Pocket God, Flight Control has also been nominated for a Game Developer’s Choice Award for Best Handheld Game, giving it a chance to achieve peer respect as well as critical and commercial praise.

As for the iPad version, Firemint said that while Flight Control will work perfectly well with the iPad already (as will the rest of the 140,000 available apps), they will be optimizing the game to the system “to ensure a delightful experience on iPad that feels just right.”

Firemint also said that in a similar fashion to how they began developing Real Racing before the announcement of the iPhone 3G, they were also preemptively working on games to take advantage of the new iPad A4 chip.

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