Fishlabs: iPad Completes Apple’s Assault on Gaming

Developer reception to last week’s official iPad unveiling continues to flood in, almost all offering a positive take on Apple’s new device. Indeed, one constant theme in the multitude of responses seems to be that, rather than taking on the role of iPhone successor, most believe the iPad will actually complement Apple’s current line-up.

‘Together with the iPod Touch and the iPhone, Apple covers the full range from entry level handheld gaming devices, to one of the best smartphones available, and a mobile high res computing device,’ Fishlabs CEO, Michael Schade, told Pocket Gamer. ‘If the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch weren’t bad enough news for Nintendo and Sony, the iPad is going to be the ultimate nightmare.’

Its size is a fairly unique trait in terms of gaming devices. Console launches usually either represent a follow-up to an existing platform, or a divergence, such as a handheld release. While it’s fair to say that the PSP isn’t in direct competition with PlayStation 3, for example, they do compete with each other in terms of play time and the dollars they demand from your wallet.

Actually running the same OS and offering the same games, allowing gamers to dip in on iPhone when they’re on the go before having a bash on iPad when they get home, is a completely different setup to the model most manufacturers have to work with. According to Fishlabs, it’s this ability to give gamers another, upgraded way of playing games they already enjoy on iPhone or iPod touch that really sets iPad apart from the competition.

‘The iPhone has already proved you can’t think all the game ideas you can do on it. The iPad will just expand these possibilities,’ Schade said. ‘Games will look so much better on the iPad and we will see even more complex gameplay on the bigger screen with better connectivity than on handhelds at a much cheaper price. Even big publisher will bring their top franchises to the iPad which, to a certain degree, was the last resort of the DS and PSP.’

Fishlabs, which has enjoyed significant success on iPhone with the likes of Rally Master Pro 3D and Waterslide Extreme, naturally plans to exploit the opportunities iPad offers– and not just in terms of upgrading existing titles.

‘For us it means we can go even further in terms of graphical quality and depth in gameplay with our console-type games such as Galaxy On Fire and Rally Master Pro, and without saying too much now, we will have something fresh for the launch of the iPad.’


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