First Info on Super QuickHook Sequel Hook Worlds

Rocketcat has just released their first trailer for Hook Worlds, showing off the three different gameplay types, characters, and environments. We love the retro music and look of the trailer, and we think you’ll agree that it looks like a worthwhile successor to our June Game of the Month. Check out the trailer after the jump.

This weekend on the Rocketcat blog, Hook Champ and Super QuickHook developer Kepa Auwae announced the next game in the swinging/platforming series, currently called Hook Swing Worlds. The game will be a Canabalt-style, high-score “runner” game composed of three different worlds.

These three worlds will include a Hook Champ-style escape from a Chaser, a shooting game that sounds like the Minigore update in Hook Champ, and a gravity flip level that will take its cues from Gravity Runner and Monorace. Hook Swing Worlds will also include unlockable hats, hooks, and bonus content for early adopters.

This may be the last swinging game from Rocketcat for a while, as they’re already working on their next game, a top-down shooter/ RPG. Both Hook Swing Worlds and their next game will both be 99 cents. For more information, check out Rocketcat’s blog and Twitter account.

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