First Infinity Blade Update Coming Tomorrow

We just received word that one of the biggest and best games this month, Infinity Blade, will be receiving its first substantial content update since it launched two weeks ago. The update will include a higher level cap, more gear, and a new enemy called the Marrow Fiend.

The Marrow Fiend is an orc-like monster with a sword and shield made of bones. We’re hoping that this intimidating-looking sword and shield set are going to be among the five new swords, shields, helmets, and single new ring that will be arriving in the update as well.

Another, goofier update is the antler-like Holiday Helm, adding Infinity Blade to the long list of App Store games that throw in a little Christmas cheer this time every year.

Finally, Infinity Blade’s level cap has been raised from 40 to 45, you can now purchase virtual gold with real-world money, and the game now supports playing your own music. Chair and Epic also tell us that next year’s will include multiplayer, more gear, and new areas to explore and monsters to fight. We think Infinity Blade can only get better with more content, so let us know what you want to see in the next update.

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