Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Gets Big Update, Goes on Sale

The War of the Lions begins anew with a hefty update for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Square-Enix’s critically-acclaimed strategy game now features redrawn graphics, and both the iPhone and iPad versions of the title are on sale for half-price. Save some gil!

War of the Lions’ graphics have been refined and are now high-resolution. Moreover, the game’s draw speed has been improved, which means smoother animations and fewer crash bugs. You can also save to the iCloud now, though Square-Enix admits the save isn’t working on iPhones yet.


From now through June 12, you can get both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game for half-price. Brutal, stimulating, and affordable!

Grab the iPhone game here, or the iPad game here.

[Special thanks to Touch Arcade and L Lawliet for the screenshot]

  • pholly

    How are the controls for this game? I’m really tempted to buy this game yet again, this’ll be my 4th time over 4 systems.

    • Nadia Oxford

      Been a while since I played, but I had a hard time on the iPhone (3G at the time). If I were to buy it again, I’d opt for the iPad, definitely.

      • pholly

        I guess I should have specified I was wondering about the iPad version, there’s no way I’d get this on my iPhone.

        • curtneedsaride

          I have this on both my iPhone and iPad. The iPad is obviously much better to control and to see what’s going on. But I have to say, I usually just end up playing on my iPhone because its always with me and I can get in a minute or two of a battle anywhere.