Final Episode of Walking Dead Coming Next Week

It’s been a long and violent ride for Lee Everett, the hero of Walking Dead: The Game, but his story will come to an end next week when Telltale Games will release the fifth and final episode of the game, “No Time Left.” The episode will be available as in-app purchase from within the game on November 21.

Interestingly, the episode will release on nearly all platforms simultaneously, including Xbox Live, Mac, Windows, and iOS. It releases on the PlayStation Network one day earlier. Previous episodes have come to other platforms first, with the iOS version following several weeks later.

If you haven’t played Walking Dead: The Game yet, you can download the first four episodes now. Read our review for our full take on the game, but rest assured that if you like horror games, adventure games, or the Walking Dead show or comic book, you’ll probably like the game. It’s as intense a point-and-click adventure that there ever was.

The first episode is available for $4.99 on the App Store (here’s a link), with the other episodes available as in-app purchases for $4.99 apiece. Or, if you’re sure you want to play them all, you can buy the multi-pack for $14.99 and save yourself five bucks.

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