FIFA 10 Goes Pro on iPhone as Big Leagues Come to Play

Any suggestion that FIFA isn’t taking the iPhone seriously– the latest edition, like Madden, set to appear on every format ever known to man this week– has been shot down today, with EA publishing a full list of the leagues and teams included in the package to coincide with the game going live on the App Store.

Naturally featuring all the official licenses we’ve come to expect from the FIFA franchise, all the big names from world soccer are in the lineup. Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Columbus Crew are all available to play, along with the various other teams from their respective leagues. Also on the table, however, are the lesser-known likes of Brøndby, Club Brugge, Rosenborg and Galatasaray. FIFA 10 is offering what’s surely the most consummate roster of football leagues on the iPhone to date.

In fact, anyone who is at all familiar with FIFA’s recent outings on console or PC would be hard-pressed to find any league that isn’t also represented in this iPhone edition. Teams from all four professional leagues in England are joined by two each from France, Italy, Spain and Germany, as well as the top teams from Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Brazil, USA, Turkey, Poland and Ireland.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a fairly expansive catalog of international squads included, with world champions Italy backed up by forty other teams for good measure.

The mere appearance of FIFA on the iPhone marks an important milestone for the format, EA having previously let the likes of Gameloft’s Real Football series become the dominant force in soccer-on-the-go. Though FIFA 10 doesn’t come with any form of online play-‘“ Real Football 2010 conversely attempted to cross that bridge last week-‘“ it’s still expected to make quite an impression. Early reactions to the iPhone version of FIFA have proved rather positive.

Anyone who wants to have a look at the full lineup should check out EA Mobile’s Facebook page, while the game itself is available for sale on the App Store now.

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