Fieldrunners #9 in TIME Mag’s Top 10 Games of 2008

As the Letterman of print media, Time Magazine loves to select yearly Top 10 lists for everything from “Olympic Moments” to “Financial Crisis Collapses”–and video games are no exception. But in one more indication that the iPhone is being taken seriously as a games platform, Time’s Lev Grossman put Fieldrunners in the #9 slot of his Top 10 Video Games, right between a Flash game called Hunted Forever and Spore.

We don’t necessarily agree with Mr. Grossman; while we like Fieldrunners quite a bit, we don’t even think it’s the best iPhone Tower Defense game right now. But it is certainly one of the most popular iPhone games, and it’s maintained a 4.5 star user rating over the course of almost 3000 reviews, so Time could have made far worse picks for its list. We’re just happy to see the iPhone represented at all!

[from Time Magazine via Kotaku]

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