Farmville Heading to iPhone and iPad, According to New Domains

With hype aplenty focused on the App Store’s ever-expanding lineup of games, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are titles out their making their names on formats that don’t have Apple’s logo emblazoned all over them.

One such hit is Farmville. With over 81 million registered users on Facebook, Zynga’s social sensation has generated headlines the world over, and it appears to be on its way to iPhone.

That’s according to a post made by Tumblr blog Supererogatory, which reports Zynga has been busy registering new web domains for Farmville that suggest it has new platforms in mind. One such domain is Perhaps more surprisingly, however, is

Zynga has been expanding its titles in recent times, with fellow Facebook hit Mafia Wars having recently offered gamers a SMS setup where certain actions can be performed via text. Zynga is keeping quiet so far, but those in the know believe some kind of official announcement regarding a debut on Apple formats is forthcoming.

[Via Joystiq]

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