Exclusive: New Hook Champ Character Revealed

Hook Champ, the popular retro-style swinging platformer, is about to get its first update. Three big features will be added to the game, and we got the exclusive scoop on the first one: you’ll be able to unlock your partner Gunny as a playable character.

We spoke with Kepa Auwae, one of the developers of the game, and he said that playing as Gunny will not just be a cosmetic difference. She’ll be able to purchase a firepower advantage over Jake that allows her to fire four blasts with her shotgun, rather than just two. To level the playing field, Jake will be able to purchase “hot pants,” an item that lets him survive one encounter with the magma and shoots him up into the air.

But unlocking Gunny won’t be easy. You’ll have to beat the five regular levels before you’ll be able to play as her. Anyone who’s gotten to the final stages of the Bull level knows you’ll face miles of deadly magma before you conquer the game. But, since the hot pants will be available in the store immediately upon installing the update, players will have a slightly better chance to make it to the end.

Another addition to the in-game store will be new hats. Some will be exclusive for Gunny and some will be just for Jake.

Auwae says that the update will have two more major features that will be announced in the coming weeks. At this time they don’t have an exact date for when they will submit the update to the App Store, but it should happen in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more details.

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