Exclusive: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Hands-On Video

Haven’t played the Phoenix Wright games on the Nintendo DS before? Objection! Soon you’ll have your chance, as the iPhone version, with all the same tough-to-crack cases as the first DS game, will be coming to the App Store soon. Check out our exclusive hands-on video.

Slightly disappointing to us was the fact that this game essentially takes the two DS screens and lays them one on top of the other for the iPhone’s vertical viewing space. We would have preferred a sexy landscape viewing mode.

The touch controls are mostly the same as the DS, with you tapping on evidence and dialogue boxes to advance the copious amounts of storyline. People who like slower-paced adventure games will enjoy getting into the story and characters (who star in many, many subsequent sequels on the DS), but the anime graphics may make people think there’s a bit more action involved than there actually is.

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