Exclusive New Xenome: Episode 1 Trailer

If you enjoyed the open-world experience of Ravensword, but are sick of the generic fantasy setting, you may want to keep an eye out for Xenome. We’ve got some details on the game’s features as well as an exclusive gameplay trailer below.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you play as “The Scientist”, a mysterious character who is awakened after being crystalized for 250 years. He must fight off ruthless creatures to survive in this devastated world.

The first episode of the game is due out on Thursday, July 8th, and is said to contain a giant world with over 60 missions. You’ll have control over character customization, choosing from different talents and over 500 items. Plus, the developer has stated there will be end-game content to enjoy after completing the storyline.

We’re looking forward to giving the game a spin, but at the moment you can satisfy your futuristic-warfare hunger with our exclusive gameplay trailer below.

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