Exclusive First Details For Mecho Wars Follow-Up VvW: Angels of London

We’ve received the first screenshots for VvW: Angels of London, and they show the turn-based battles between Vampires and Werewolves. Instead of a split-screen like in Mecho Wars, these battle animations take place on one large screen. Check them out!

Longtime readers of the site will know that we have a particular interest in the games of Luc Bernard, one of the creative minds behind unique games like Mecho Wars and Steam Pirates. Now, we’ve got the first details of his newest game, VvW: Angels of London.

VvW stands for “Vampires vs Werewolves”, but it will involve lots of other supernatural monsters as well. It takes place in London, and will be a turn-based strategy game that Luc promises will be online from the start.

Luc also sent us over a few pieces of concept art for VvW: Angels of London, more of which can be viewed on the game’s official website.

We’re always happy to see a new game from Luc, since his artwork has a distinctive style that never fails to impress us. We’ll have more information about VvW: Angels of London for you in the coming months.

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