EA’s Mirror’s Edge Coming To iPhone

Mirror’s Edge has just hit a delay. The official word from EA is: “The launch Mirror’s Edge for iPhone and iPod Touch has been postponed to early 2010. This will allow the development team to add features and enhancements that will expand the gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more details in the new year.”

EA’s hardcore parkour game Mirror’s Edge will be getting the iPhone treatment, following other big EA licenses like Madden, FIFA, and Rock Band. The first-person platformer has sold over a million copies on consoles, and the iPhone version is looking very nice as well. Screens and details follow.

All we know from the limited info EA’s released is that the iPhone version of Mirror’s Edge will have 14 levels. Some of the fancy moves you’ll be making include wall-running, sliding, jumping from rooftops, and taking zip-lines.

We can also tell from the screenshots that the game will feature a third-person perspective, which is what we actually would have liked to see in the original console version as well. After all, what’s the point in having an attractive main character if you never see them in the game? Mirror’s Edge is scheduled for App Store release in January 2010.

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