Earthworm Jim Remake Confirmed For iPhone

German site has scored a nice scoop from Gamescom in Köln, Germany: Two images from Gameloft’s upcoming Earthworm Jim remake. One image appears to be a direct-feed screen grab, without the control overlay, and the other is a photo taken of the screen, with the controls visible.

The clearer, sharper image (from the level Down the Tubes) shows off the cleaned-up sprites, leaving no rough, pixelated edges. In the second, blurrier image, we can see a D-pad on the left and gun icon on the right. As soon as we’re able to go hands-on with the game, we’ll bring you the full story about how this EWJ remake looks and feels.

After a Gameloft press release that notably excluded “iPhone” from the list of upcoming release platforms, Gameloft has confirmed to Slide to Play that Earthworm Jim will in fact be coming to the iPhone.

Gameloft tells us that the iPhone version “will be a remake of the Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo Classic from 1994’ and will appear on iPhone in addition to home consoles via WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, and Playstation Network, as well as other cellphone platforms.


We’ve got our hopes up now, after the Lucasarts Xbox Live Arcade version of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition came out quickly for iPhone, with fully intact audio and mostly intact visuals, so we know that quality XBLA to iPhone ports are possible.

The original two Earthworm Jim games for 16-bit systems were very well-received in the mid-90s, but Jim’s later 3D endeavors fell far short of expectations. The original Earthworm Jim was also originally scheduled to be remade in 2006 for the PSP, but Atari’s financial woes forced the project to be shelved.

With a history of making quality side-scrollers for the iPhone, we’re hoping Gameloft can do the much-loved Earthworm Jim series justice. And if you never played the originals, take our word that they’re a cow-launching, Heck-descending, worm-whipping blast.

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