Award Winning DS Game Maestro Announced for App Store

We’ve received a little bit of extra information regarding this nearly-released title, along with a new gameplay video that finally shows the game at work on the iPhone as opposed to previous DSi videos.

Bulkypix has told us that the game will be launched near the end of February, and perhaps most intriguingly, it will only cost $0.99. Although, to be technical Bulkypix only said that the game will “launch” at $0.99, so that price could potentially fluctuate.

They’ve also briefly discussed some of the game modes, which will include a free-form mode for the “talented ones” that will allow you to play levels with your own choice of instruments. They also mention a “sing/whistle” mode where you use your vocal talents, although we’re not too sure how that works just yet.

Pastagames announced today that its award-winning game Maestro: Jump in Music, will be coming to the iPhone in the form of a port titled Maestro: Green Grooves.

The game was released as a DSiware title in the U.S. back in November, and received a fairly positive critical reception. It also won a Milthon Award for best in-game music. Maestro combines elements of music/rhythm with the traditional platformer genre. The results are unique, to say the least.

In order to save the day, Presto, our hero, runs through the levels, while the player aids him by activating musical notes as he passes by for the perfect pitch. This is accomplished by strumming chords, tapping objects or killing enemies in rhythm with the song.

A release date has not been announced, but the title is being brought to the App Store by French publisher Bulkypix. We’re expecting more news to follow this announcement soon as Bulkypix and Pastagames ready their formal announcement.

[via PocketGamer]

[via Pocketgamer]

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