Dragon Quest VIII Hands-On Video

Japanese gaming site Famitsu has released a hands-on video of the upcoming title Dragon Quest VIII on mobile. Square Enix recently announced that Dragon Quests I – VIII are all heading to iOS and Android over in Japan. While worldwide releases have yet to be announced, judging by what Square Enix has done in the past, it’s a good bet that the games will eventually make their way Stateside.

What’s most surprising to me about the video is that the game is played in the vertical orientation. You’d think a PS2 game would make more sense to play horizontally, but apparently you’d be wrong.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Quest VIII Hands-On Video

  1. why in the world is the game in portrait mode?? i hope there’s an option for LANDSCAPE, tho i doubt it. This alone is a FAIL for me.

    • Actually, I quite like the way it looks in portrait mode. My theory is that the port actually began life as a DS title and was transitioned to iOS and Android late in the development stage. It’ll be interesting to see if any feedback about the portrait mode causes them to switch to landscape.

  2. What SE needs to do is offer games in Landscape AND portrait! Just changes when you turn your device. THAT would be the best way to please everyone. Because even though a lot of people wouldn’t want portrait, I’d end up playing that way a lot. I love Knights of Pen and Paper for allowing me to do that.

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