Dragon Quest Series Heading to iOS and Android

Square Enix has shown lots of love to iOS over the past few years. That trend continues– they’ve just posted a website (in Japanese) saying that Dragon Quest I – VIII are heading to iOS and Android. No Western release has been announced yet, but we’re betting we see the games over here eventually as well.


The Dragon Quest series dates all the way back to 1984, with the first title releasing on the original NES. The most recent game being ported to iOS, the eighth installment, hit the PlayStation 2 in 2004 (to rave reviews). The games in between have been released and re-released on a number of consoles and handhelds.

[Via TouchArcade]

2 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Series Heading to iOS and Android

  1. dragon quest 8 is one of the best games ever made :’)
    I had played it years ago
    brings tears to my eyes to see it on a phone now…

    • Tears of sadness or joy? I’m personally conflicted I remember playing DQ 8 on my ps2 as a kid and being totally infatuated. I played it on emu about a year ago and it hasn’t aged. I personally think that more people should play it, but I also want it on vita or something more substantial than a phone, but I’m not exactly opposed to the idea as long as it gets to a larger audience.

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