Doodle Jump Sells 4 Million

It sounded like something of a threat at the time, but Lima Sky has finally delivered on its aim to hit 4 million sales on the iPhone with its stellar hit Doodle Jump.

Though clones in one form or another have been hitting the App Store since it was released, Doodle Jump actually achieved its goal in quick time, having only surpassed the 3 million mark last month.

At the time, co-founder Igor Pusenjak joked Doodle Jump would more than likely beat rival developer PopCap to 4 million downloads on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but having now achieved said feat, the title has become the best selling game on the App Store in the platform’s history.

It might not be a surprise, then, that Lima Sky has already set its sights on Apple’s latest iDevice. The studio announced recently that an iPad version is already in the works.

It’s long been on the studio’s potential to-do list– Pusenjak revealing back in March that he wanted to hold an iPad before deciding whether to work on it or not– but rather than simply rushing out an HD edition, Lima Sky is said to be experimenting with all manner of sizes to ensure Doodle Jump iPad reaches the same height as its iPhone-based cousin.

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