Dead Trigger 2 Announced

Madfinger Games has been a busy company lately. At the end of last summer they released Dead Trigger, a frenetic first-person shooter with jaw-dropping graphics. They’ve just announced that the sequel, Dead Trigger 2, will be coming to iOS in a few months. Check out some screenshots below.

No specific release date has been announced aside from Q2 2013. That’s all we know about Dead Trigger 2 so far, except, to quote Madfinger CEO Marek Rabas, that it will be, “Bigger, better, and much more addictive” than the original. Thanks, Marek. We’ll keep you posted as more info comes to light.

One thought on “Dead Trigger 2 Announced

  1. Some of the pros were A: The gameplay was very smooth, and B: Aside from several lighting glitches, the graphics were amazing for a phone-downloaded video game. That said, there are also cons to this game. The story-line had no real driven purpose whatsoever and was often repetitive, you got stuck doing the same things over and over again. Another major downside is lack of multiplayer. Many of the more successful shooters out there on the iOS market, such as Modern Combat and N.O.V.A 3 have had included successful multiplayers that truly added to the FPS genre experience.
    So, with these in mind, the improvements are:
    1) Fun, addicting, emotional storyline.
    2) Multiplayer-capability
    3) Randomization, surprises, and new items/guns/upgrades would be great.

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