Dawn of the Dead iPhone Game Coming Soon

Developer Byte Mark announced this week that they are bringing George Romero’s seminal horror title Dawn of the Dead to the iPhone in the form of a twin-stick shooter. Apparently the game has just been submitted to Apple for approval, and the company says it will be available soon.

We know that the game will take place in a mall and will allow players to bash in the heads of zombies with melee weapons like golf clubs and shovels, in addition to shooting them with a variety of firearms. You will also be able to purchase the 2004 movie from within the game. Given that the team has a wonderful template to work from in Alive-4-Ever (also a twin-stick zombie shooter) we’re hoping that Dawn of the Dead lives up to its awesome potential.

Byte Mark is a Toronto-based developer that works on “mass market” titles. Their only previously released game was the Christmas-themed Stocking Stuffer, which came out last month. Quite frankly, we’re not sure if the developer could have picked two more starkly different games to work on if they were trying.

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