Cut The Rope Update Is Coming Soon

Chillingo just dropped a line to let us know that update 1.1 is coming soon for the smash hit (and extremely fun) Cut The Rope. As a by-the-way, they also mentioned that the game has sold over three million copies worldwide. That’s a lot of cavities for Om Nom.

This free update will include a new level pack called the Cosmic Box, which will contain an additional 25 levels. The Cosmic Box will have a space ship theme, as well as a new gameplay mechanic that “turns physics upside down.” Also included will be “enhanced Retina display graphics, improved scoring accuracy, more expressive Om Nom animations, new musical sounds, and 11 new achievements.”

And if that’s not enough for you, they’re also promising to release another update in time for the holidays. While you wait, take a gander at the teaser trailer they just released for the new update.

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