Curiosity Update Lets Players Pay to Add or Remove Cubes

Remember Peter Molyneux’s game Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? The game where players tap to chip away at a giant cube, revealing new layers and working their way toward the mystery of what’s at the center? The game where only a single player will see the result of everyone’s cube chipping? Well, that game has just received an interesting update.

The update includes new in-app purchase options to either chip away cubelets in quantities ranging from 10,000 ($0.99) to 500,000, ($10.99) or to add cubes in equal quantities. Essentially, the new element is that, for a price, you can hamper progress in uncovering what’s in the center of the cube. Prior to this, the only effect you could have on the cube was to remove cubelets.

Also, for those who want a look into the sociology of the game, the stats page now shows how many “RemoveCublets” and “AddCubelets” have been purchased. At the time of this writing, “RemoveCubelets” are winning out almost four to one.


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