Crimson Viper, E. Honda Joining Cast of Street Fighter IV

Here comes a new challenger! In addition to Crimson Viper, an upcoming Street Fighter IV update will also include everyone’s favorite sumo wrestler, E. Honda. The update should contain a few other surprises, but Capcom is being mum on the details. For a video of E. Honda in action, click ahead.

The Crimson Viper and E. Honda update is now live on the App Store! If you’ve got Street Fighter IV, these new characters come as a free download. If you haven’t bought Street Fighter IV yet, you’re missing out on the single best fighter the iPhone has to offer. Videos of both characters are on the next page.

Our runner-up for the best game of March 2010 keeps getting better, as Street Fighter IV will soon add another new character in a free update. This time, it’s Crimson Viper, the American beauty who’s also a secret agent.

We don’t have a date for the update yet, but Capcom did send us over a batch of screenshots and a gameplay video. Check it out below to watch C. Viper go head to head with Cammy.

The last time Street Fighter IV received a content update, it was to add Cammy and Zangief to the roster. A few fan favorites are still missing from Street Fighter IV on the iPhone, but we expect to see even more free additions in the future.

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