Co-Op Update Coming to Tilt To Live

If you’ve ever felt pangs of loneliness while playing One Man Left’s addictive avoid-the-dots game Tilt To Live, then your hopes and dreams are about to be realized. They’ve just submitted an update that adds a local co-op multiplayer mode to the game. Read on for details and a fun new trailer.

The new co-op mode is a little more imaginative than just tossing an extra arrow into the fray. Instead, one player controls a turret to blast away at the invading red dots, while the other player glides around freely, collecting gems for points and ammo for the turret. Whenever the player controlling the turret dies, the roles can be switched. Mutiplayer is local only, but it works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

There is, however, a slight catch: to get the update you must have purchased the “Viva La Turret” expansion, which sells for $0.99 as an in-app purchase to the core game. The co-op update is expected to hit the App Store by the end of the month.

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