Classy New iPhone Game Pillowfight Girls Coming Soon

We’ve updated our skimpy information on Pillowfight Girls with some eye-catching new screenshots. Feast your eyes on the catfight on the next page, or hit them up on Facebook for more.

If Apple is trying to discourage sexy or suggestive games from entering the App Store, I-Play must not have gotten the memo. Their upcoming game Pillowfight Girls looks cheesy and exploitative, which is another way to say “silly fun”.

While we have no gameplay details, who needs ‘em? Make do with these character images and biographies, which you should imagine reading in your best “Let’s get ready to rumble” announcer’s voice.

From I-Play:

“Introducing first: fighting out of the left corner, this beauty is a Freestyle fighter. She stands 5-feet-9-inch tall, 25 years of age and a fighting style described as ‘Strong and fast’. She holds a professional Pillowfighting record of 20 wins and 2 losses, with 10 wins by knockout. She is the current, reigning, and defending Pillowfight Champion. Fighting out of Texas, USA. The sexy’¦. Jessie’

‘Now introducing the challenger: fighting out of the right corner, This sexy babe is an aggressive fighter. She stands 5-feet-8-inch tall, 22 years of age and a fighting style described as ‘Hard and brutal’. She holds a professional Pillowfighting record of 14 wins and 4 losses, with 12 wins by knockout. Fighting out of Cape Town, South Africa. The stunning’¦.. Julia”

We’ll have more, umm, hands-on details of Pillowfight Girls when we can. I-Play says the game will be available soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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