‘Chaos Rings 3′ Announced

It’s been a long time coming, but Square Enix has finally announced Chaos Rings 3 for iOS. So far, it’s only been confirmed for release in Japan, but it would be very surprising if it didn’t come to the U.S. also. The Japanese version is scheduled to release on October 18.

The news comes from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, (with an assist from NeoGaf). A Chaos Rings trilogy will also be released for the PS Vita in Japan, but there’s no word on whether that one will land a U.S. version.

We’re big fans of the series, which includes Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Ω, and Chaos Rings 2. They’re all fun, great-looking RPGs, with impressive battle systems and customization options.

Aside from that, there’s not much more info yet on the third installment. Until we hear more, you can bask in the beauty of these great-looking screenshots.





2 thoughts on “‘Chaos Rings 3′ Announced

  1. Chaos Rings 2 is still one of the best RPGs on any mobile device (including Vita, 3DS, and Android). It’s also one of the best looking handheld RPGs of the last 5 year too. If Chaos Rings 3 is half as good as 2, then we’ll all be in for a big treat.

    • I’m currently playing chaos rings 2 and idk, I don’t really like it that much, I found chaos rings 1 way better (well I can’t really say since I haven’t finished it) but since I have an obsession with romance (and love hate romance is one of my favorites) I can’t help it but to prefer the first one, even tho I beat it in only 4h (I’m 2h in chaos rings 2 and I haven’t even completed 20% of the game lmao).
      I also prefer the system of chaos rings omega and 1, it’s simpler but better + in the second one they fking changed everything, like wtf is that Sopia bullsh!t and you have gale/water/blaze already attached from the beginning of the battle, bring back genes, much better name than “sopia”, plus only one person can carry one type of sopia at a time, like wtf.
      Oh and lets not start on the lvling system. It’s awfully slow, before lvl passages unlocked one by one, now it takes AGES to unlock even 10-20 which makes it damn hard to lvl because mobs don’t pass lvl 5-15-25-etc.
      Anyways, I ship Darwin x lessica, fk Marie xD

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