Chair Announces Major Update for Infinity Blade II

Chair Entertainment has just announced that Infinity Blade II will see its “largest free content update” yet on Thursday. The update is called Vault of Tears, and it brings several new features to the game. Read on for screenshots and details.

To access the updated content, all you have to do is tap the newly-opened route to the right after defeating the first enemy on a new rebirth. This makes Siris descend a hidden stone staircase carved into the side of the mountain, to a new area below.

Here you’ll encounter enormous new titans, gather plenty of new loot, and uncover more of Siris’s backstory. They’ve also added a new ClashMob feature that encourages you to bug your friends on social networks. Whenever a friend or follower likes or retweets one of the posts you make through the game, your enemies receive damage. In addition, there’ve included a treasure map feature that lets you find hidden items and rewards.

If you own Infinity Blade II, be sure to check out the update on Thursday. If you don’t own it, check out our review and see if it’s your type of game.

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