Chair and Epic Announce $5 Million in Sales for Infinity Blade 2, $30 Million for the Franchise

Some interesting news for anyone who likes to follow the financial success of App Store blockbusters. Today Chair and Epic, developers of the Infinity Blade series, announced that Infinity Blade 2 took in $5 million in revenue in one month, bringing sales from the complete franchise (including the first game, plus a spin-off book, soundtrack, and arcade coin-op) to $30 million. That’s a lot of sacks of gold.

We’re not too surprised by this game’s incredible success. As we explained in our Game of the Year article, Infinity Blade 2 is a showpiece for the latest graphics technology on iOS devices. It’s also an intense fighting game that is perfectly suited for shorter play sessions, while providing hours of detailed RPG customization.

In addition to our Game of the Year award, Infinity Blade 2 won Mobile Game of the Year awards from Touch Gen, IGN, Gamespot, and G4TV. They’ve got so many accolades, they even put together a special “Game of the Year” trailer.

More updates are expected this year for Infinity Blade 2, including the massively multiplayer “clash mobs”, which you can read more about in our Q and A with the developers.

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