Capcom Releases Final Fight and Street Fighter II Collection

Capcom released two new apps today: Final Fight and Street Fighter II Collection. While these apps are new to the App Store, the games they contain are not– all of them are already playable (and buyable) in the Capcom Arcade app.

Final Fight is a classic beat-‘em-up from 1989, and plays very much like Double Dragon. Street Fighter II Collection contains the original Street Fighter II, plus Street Fighter II Champion Edition, which adds the four bosses as playable characters, and Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, which is basically Champion Edition but with sped up gameplay.

All four of these games are currently available to play for free in the Capcom Arcade app, but you’re limited to three credits per day unless you purchase more credits or spend a few bucks apiece to unlock the games. However, the app descriptions of the new Final Fight and Street Fighter II Collection apps state that they present “far better operability” than the versions in Capcom Arcade.

So there you have it. If you’ve been considering purchasing any of these classic brawlers, you’re probably better off getting the separate Street Fighter II Collection or Final Fight apps.

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