Capcom Arcade Gets Final Fight and 1943

When Capcom Arcade came out in November, the company said they were going to add one classic game each month to the game’s virtual line of boxy cabinets. And just when we’d thought’d slipped up and missed a couple of months, they went and added two games in a recent update. The two new games are Final Fight and 1943. Read on for the goods.

Final Fight is an arcade beat-‘em-up that’s similar to Double Dragon. At the start, you pick one of three fighters to play as, and then you walk around, slamming your fist into everyone you encounter. It’s a tough game, and it doesn’t do anything we haven’t seen before in other brawlers, but it’s still a totally decent game that many people will get a kick out of.

The other addition is 1943, a top-down World War II shooter that puts you in a plane and sends wave after wave of enemies at you. Again, there’s not much here you haven’t seen in other games in the genre, but this is a solid port with totally adequate controls.

Also of note is that you can purchase each game for $0.99 now. Buying a game means you don’t have to spend tokens on each time you want to play it. So if you plan on playing a game more than a handful of times, it probably behooves you to outright buy the thing.

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