Canabalt is Now a Universal App

Canabalt, the stylish, single-button game that has you sprinting across rooftops, cranes, and billboards, away from skyscraper-sized machines that are destroying the world, has just become a universal app. That means that now the game will play on both iPhones and iPads in native resolution without you having to buy two versions of the game.

We played it on an iPad, and it performs exactly as expected, which is to say, perfectly. The graphics lose nothing in their transition to the big screen, and the music coming out of the speaker is, as always, atmospheric and energetic. It looks more than ever like an NES game turned up to 11.

When it first came out there was debate about Canabalt’s pricing, with some people declaring that $2.99 was too expensive for such a simple game. On the other hand, the game’s style, polish, and one-more-try appeal won many people over (including us). Regardless of what you thought before, based on the higher pricing norms for iPad games, Canabalt looks like a pretty good deal now.

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